Dental Implant Complications Risk Self-Test

Dental Implant Complications and Implant Disease Self Assessment

Dental implant complications can silently affect your implant(s), and the surrounding teeth, bone and gum tissue, and usually do not present with pain, at first.

If left untreated, complications can result in significant damage to the surrounding structures, possibly requiring the need for surgical intervention, or ultimately result in the loss of the affected implant. Early recognition of implant complications is essential to reduce the damage caused by the complication and ensure that the affected implant can be saved.

The self-assessment below is meant to identify if you may be at risk of having a dental implant complication. The assessment is meant to be informative but does not substitute for a comprehensive periodontal evaluation by a periodontist to determine your true risk and condition. Please share the results of the assessment with your dentist or periodontist at your next visit.

 Do your gums around your dental implant bleed when you brush and/or floss?

 Does food tend to get stuck around your dental implant?

 Is there a bad taste in your mouth, that seems to come from around your dental implant?

 Do you experience pain in the area around your dental implant?

 Does the gum around your dental implant appear to have receded, or can you see a dark or black line along the gum by the dental implant?

 Do the gums around your dental implant look puffy or bright red or purple or dark?

 When you push on your gums by your dental implant, does white fluid flow from your gums?

 Do you feel pain when chewing with your dental implant?

 Does it feel that your dental implant is moving?

If you believe you have Dental Implant Complications, we encourage you to contact our office today!

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