Pre-Prosthetic Treatments

Do You Require a Prosthetic?

The preparation of your mouth before the placement of a prosthesis is referred to as pre-prosthetic treatments. Some patients require minor oral surgical procedures before receiving a prosthesis. Prior to placing the prosthesis, it is very important that the bone is the proper shape and size. If a tooth needs to be extracted, the underlying bone might be left sharp and uneven. For the best fit of a denture, for example, the bone might need to be smoothed out or reshaped. Occasionally, excess bone would need to be removed prior to denture insertion.

Sometimes one or more of the following procedures may be required prior to your prosthesis being inserted.

  • Reshaping and smoothing the bone
  • Excess bone removal
  • Bone ridge reduction
  • Removal of excess gum tissue
  • Exposure of impacted teeth
Wisdom Teeth Extraction | West Calgary Periodontics

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth – your third molars – are the last teeth to form, and the last to emerge in the mouth. As a result, not always is there enough space for them to properly grow in. If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, growing in crooked, damaging neighbouring teeth, difficult to clean, or already infected, they need to be removed.

Early removal of wisdom teeth is a pro-active approach to avoid future complications such as cavities or damage to neighbouring teeth; delayed healing; development of cysts or tumours around the wisdom tooth; increase risk of infection of the wisdom tooth or neighbouring teeth; increased risk of post-procedure jaw nerve irritation or damage; or increased risk of jaw fracture.

The procedure usually 1 hour to complete, but can be less, depending on the number and status of the wisdom teeth that need to be removed.

The wisdom tooth removal can be completed under sedation, to help reduce your anxiety.

Tooth Extractions

Sometimes a tooth has to be removed from the socket in the bone. It might have decay, gum disease or a fracture beyond what we can repair. Or we may need to remove it for space or prior to placing orthodontic braces. And some teeth are poorly positioned and need to be removed. A common example of this is the ‘third molar’ or wisdom tooth.

Your periodontist will make the recommendation for a tooth extraction based on your examination and radiographs (usually between the ages of 17-22). Not all wisdom teeth have to be removed; in some cases, there is adequate room and the wisdom tooth can come in and function normally. In other cases, the wisdom tooth stays buried in bone and is unlikely to erupt. And in some cases, the wisdom tooth never forms at all. The most common wisdom tooth problem occurs when the tooth comes into the mouth only part of the way and then stalls. In these instances, it is best to remove these teeth at a recommended time and not wait until they have caused damage, or become infected.

Dr. Tom Chatting with Patient | West Calgary Periodontics

Ridge Reduction

Deformities in your upper or lower jaw can leave patients with inadequate bone in which to place dental implants. These defects can be developmental or from periodontal disease, long-term denture wearing or injury or trauma.

To correct the problem, a ridge reduction is performed in which the gum is lifted away from the ridge. The defect is then filled with bone or a substitute which effectively builds up the ridge. Performing this procedure can ensure the success of your dental implant procedure and allow them to last for many years to come. Ridge reduction can also be aesthetically pleasing while restoring functionality.

Tori Removal

Tori removal involves removing bony growths in the mandible of the jaw along the surface nearest to the tongue. Sometimes these Tori’s can grow large enough to trap food underneath and create pressure on the anterior teeth. If you are requiring dentures, they may be uncomfortable if you have a Tori and may interfere with the fit of the lower denture. While these growths are benign in nature, it is painful or interfering with your dentures, then typically it is recommended they are removed.

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